Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year to one and all

It happened - the safari manged to get a new camera in the sales...sadly funds wouldn't run to an slr but a decent Fuji compact was purchased off the web at a knock down price so hopefully the quality of the pictures from our adventures will improve...but I can't promise. The camera might have improved but not the photographer!

So far this year - not that there has been much of it - but early in the morning, before dawn, there do seem to be more Robins singing. Blackbird has also been added to the 2009 list but very little else. What will today bring? A lunch time peek at the sea is on the cards, the recent dense fog has been replaced by a thin winter sunshine today so fingers crossed there may be something out there to report later today.
The photo is of the now not so recent Bottle-nosed Dolphin taken by my mate Phil - it would be nice to see another one off the prom here this year along with a Basking Shark and some Storm Petrels...who knows what we will be able to show you in 2009...whatever it is it'll be good!
Where to next? Obviously a quick safari over the road to the beach.
In the meantime I hope all the safari's readers have a happy, peaceful and healthy New Year...but please let us know of your outback adventures and sightings...remember there is nothing ordinary about the familiar and commonplace.

Oh and by the way the safari is picking up a new luxury vehicle tomorrow morning...Betcha can't wait to find out what it is.

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