Tuesday, 20 January 2009

East Pacific or Atlantic coast gulls are just the same

Not the best pic in the world taken through the kitchen window blinds but just to show Monika over on the Pacific coast of USA (see Orca watcher in the links on right) that she isn't the only one with gulls on the bird table. Over on the Isle of Man I'm sure Babooshka of Ramsey Daily Photo fame also gets gulls on her bird table.

Any one else feeding gulls peanuts or other unusual foods?


Monika said...

Haha, great stuff! Thanks for posting.

Jack said...

hiya. I'd love to have a gull on our bird feeder, even though they are brutes!

Anyway I have changed my blog to lancashirenature.blogspot.com

Babooshka said...

This is she. Yes gulls and cats. We now have a poll. Try sitting on that cat!