Saturday, 31 January 2009

They're here!!!!! or 'it's' here!

The safari is stuck behind a desk at work today but managed a few short minutes staring at a cold grey sea. Bingo!!!...After hearing reports of Harbour Porpoises on the south side of the Ribble and even closer down at the southern end of the Prom we got one 800 yards straight out; could probably see it from the office if we stood on the desk (not that the Health and Safety gurus would be too pleased about that) - maybe we should have an observation room built on the roof but someone would need to invent proper salt-free self cleaning windows first or we wouldn't be able to observe much at all.

This Porpoise is the first one the safari has seen for a while and very welcome. Not much else out there on a fairly calm sea, a couple of Red Throated Divers, and unidentified auk going south at a rate of knots (that's nautical miles per hour knots, not Calidris canuta the wading bird Knots (named after king Canute, who incidentally also gave his name to Knott End a few miles up the road, perhaps even the place where he showed to his entourage he was not able to hold back the sea - never-the-less he did rule over the largest empire in Europe after the Romans until the 'Colonial Era' but that's another story) , a few Cormorants mooched about, and there were about 100 Common Scoters sitting in the swell just offshore.

Where to next? Safari into the wilderness tomorrow perhaps.

In the meantime let us know what have you seen from your office window.

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Monika said...

I'm glad you got to see a porpoise! Kudos for getting out and away from the desk to do so.