Thursday, 8 January 2009

Where are those pesky owls?

A site visit to the nature reserve was required today so the safari piled in to the new Disco to get some mud on the wheels. We were to investigate the extension area...our thoughts turned to Jack Snipe in this very undisturbed wet part of the reserve. None! but plenty of Wrens, and a fair few Pheasants...refugees from the nearby shooting estates.

After the recce job was done there was a few minutes in which to track down the ever popular Long Eared Owls. 9 in the bushes today, one fairly easy high up, the others ranging from not too bad through tricky to damn near impossible! We didn't really have a chance to look for anything else so most of these photos are from our visit last weekend.
A location plan for Jack (Lancashire Nature in blog links on right) and his mates who are visiting this coming weekend; and anyone else who isn't sure where to look. Also check with the Rangers just in case they have moved.
My best picture of a Robin yet! Maybe a better camera does make a better photographer to some extent.
Disco in its natural habitat.

Frank looking like he doesn't like being shoved in the back. He doesn't mind really.

Where to next? Mud, mud,mud here we long as there's some interesting wildlife to find as well!

In the meantime...what's in your mud?


Jack said...

thanks for the photo of where to look :)

Babooshka said...

Impressed woth those sunsets. How's my doggie? If not the dog can I have an owl.

I am going to be sending traffic your way.