Friday, 2 January 2009

Lunchtime peek at the sea

Very nice to see a bit of sunshine for a change but otherwise it was very quiet on the water. Two male and a female Eider were bobbing about asleep on the gentle swell fairly close in, a Cormorant flew past in the middle distance and right out on the horizon ther were small flocks of Common Scoter flying about. Nothing else to report and still very very cold in the slight breeze.
Someone has put up a few feeders in the gardens at work and they are attracting some attention from a small flock of House Sparrows which are always nice to see and there cheeky chirruping brightens up an otherwise quiet mid winter day. Thank you whoever you are. Three Oystercatchers were on the green at first light this morning and very sluggish there were too, maybe struggling to find enough food in the current frozen conditions, Dunnock also present mooching around the cover of the Gorse bushes.
Where to next? Pick up the new car.....wheyyy-heyyy...good job too because we've broken the old one; it has an electrical problem perhaps from fording the river the other day and is powerless.
In the meantime whether it is freezing cold or the sun is cracking the flags let us know what you have found in your outback.

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