Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The sea was full today

The safari nipped out to see the sea at lunchtime today for a 9.9m high tide. There was nothing to be seen.

It did look as though a bunch of angels might be decending on the Lennox gas rig.

Yesterday the safari was out at Staining Nook Marsh where the Environment Agency and the rangers were pegging out for the new ponds that are being dug tomorrow to help reinvigorate the wetland. Whilst we were there a Fox dashed across the open ground in to a thicket of scrub flushing a Woodcock in tthe process. We watched where it landed and went to see if we could get a look at it on the ground, but as you would expect for a creature so well camouflaged we couldn't see it. As soon as our backs were turned we heard the clatter of wings and as we turned it was lifting out from where we had just been searching. Perfect camouflage.

Where to next? A somewhat sandy safari at the weekend perhaps.

In the meantime let us know what you haven't seen in your outback

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anno said...

Hi Dave - young Anno here,had 5 Woodcock today at Great Harwood,South West of the Reservoir also enjoying Waxwings and Bitterns around Warrington, all the best and may your bins never fog!!