Friday, 15 June 2012

Coming up...

The Safari has some dates for your diary...namely

18th – 26th June Bike Week – will we be delving into the deepest darkest depths of the garage and dusting off the cobwebs from our velocipede?

21st – 23rd June is National MothNight(s), this year the emphasis is on brownfield sites. Base Camp’s garden isn’t a brownfield site and being mid week we’re unlikely to be able to get the trap out until Friday permitting of course.

And 25th June – 1st July follows on nicely being National Insect Week – bring on those bugs!

In between is the Rio +20 Conference - three days to save thee world - no chance! Vested interests, big money and isolationism/parochialism will win out again no doubt...already they pre-negotiations are breaking down and seriously weakening any resolutions that may be passed. At least human population growth is on the agenda but how to control/reduce it is the biggest question of the next decade probably - growth? - -  can the planet take much more growth, even at a slow rate, if all those new people try to live a consumerist life that we in 'West' enjoy...why shouldn't they?

Not much doing today on a squally, cold and mostly wet day. A Grey Seal was easily best of the day although a male Pied Wagtail was on one of temporary puddles near R'ouzel Puddle on the way in to work.
A brief interlude in the rain gave us a chance to get a pic of an unknown plant growing in our flowerbed we'd seen through the window walking down the corridor to the office. It turned out to be Hen-bit Dead Nettle.

Whilst out we also got some other pics.
The Borage is looking good and being very much appreciated by our bees.
A few Yellow Dung Flies rested on the foliage in the cool temperatures
At lunchtime a Great Black Backed Gull stole a dead flat dish from the Herring Gull that had found it - no contest really.

Where to next? 90 minutes in front of the telly willing England to thrash the Swedes - no offence to Wifey's bosses.
In the meantime let us know who's steal what off whom in your outback.

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