Monday, 4 June 2012

Cruel sunshine

The Safari enjoyed a lovely day out in the field today - we even went back to the North Blackpool Pond Trail to see what it looks like when it's not raining! As if nearly 18 hours there yesterday weren't enough!
Last night the bats were star of the show with probably three species, Pipistrelle, Soprano Pipistrelle and Daubenton's Bats being abroad; we had our best views of Daub's for a long time. 
Many years ago someone, forget who...sorry if it was you..., showed us how to strip the flower-head off a long piece of grass and hold it high for the bats to investigate...well last night they investigated to the best of their ability - one of them grabbed the end and nearly dragged it out of our grasp!!! Utterly, utterly magical!!!
The official tally stands at 324 (we did eventually find a Toad although it hit the list well after Great Crested Newt) and we've managed to add a few more including the Bracket Fungus which DB spotted in the hole under the root-plate of a fallen tree. not a new species for the Fylde but a whole new Genus! Ganoderma sp

We've still got several awaiting identification on iSpot so the total might reach 350. If only the weather had been like it was today, the butterflies and damselfies were out on our short visit. 

As was this bizarre big eyed fly, now IDd as Empis tessellata..another new record for the Fylde.
We had only gone to have a quick look at the Bee Orchids and see if any Common Broomrape was showing. The Bee Orchids took a little finding at first being small and mostly still in bud.
 Perseverance was rewarded.

 Little beauts!!!

Didn't expect one to be upside-down though.
No sign of the Common Broomrape but there is plenty of Common Centuary just about to flower.
Then we nipped round to the nature reserve to have a look at the marsh orchids there, could Northern Marsh Orchid or perhaps a hybrid.
On the way we got side tracked at the wetlands by some fine patches of Ragged Robin and the show of Creeping and Meadow Buttercups was simply stunning; a glorious golden carpet - wonder how many of the other thousands of people walking past that way stopped and stared like wot we did.

Extensive stands of Cow Parsley were similarly eye-catching. 
But today was an orchid day and orchids we had to have...

Plenty of damselflies about too but in the warm weather they were very mobile chasing each other about all over the shop making getting pics tricky. We got just one half decent shot of a Common Blue Damselfly.
All in all a great day on safari.
Where to next? We'll no doubt be able to get out somewhere tomorrow providing we haven't over-exerted Frank today.
In the meantime let us know what's adding a dash of colour to your outback.

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cliff said...

Whether your Bio-blitz total remains @ 324 or if you reach 350 it's a heck of a haul given the appalling weather on the day, is there going to be a list of what was seen posted somewhere?

You got some cracking photos yesterday Dave, love the carpet of buttercups & the orchids!