Thursday, 14 June 2012

It's the wulluff

The Safari stopped by the zoo on the way to work today to have a gander at their new Iberian Wolves. Crackin beasts.
From the upstairs windows at Base Camp we can see Wolf Fell and beyond is Wolfhole Crags - be nice if they could be reinstated as our true apex predator once mre. But sadly we fear it'll never happen; if such benign predators as Hen Harriers can't be tolerated by those with Victorian (or older!) attitudes then something as ferocious as a Wolf doesn't stand a chance...could we sneak a Lynx in somewhere d'yer think?
Sorry aboutr the poor quality - taken through a series of fences - need a bit more time to work out best place to get pic without paying entrance fee :-)  - - still a beautiful animal though...and nearly as big as Frank! A big male tipping the scales at 40kg whereas Frank breaks the scales at 45kgs.
Where to next? Maybe something to report tomorrow.
In the meantime let us know what's howling away in your outback.

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