Tuesday, 5 June 2012

World Environment Day

The Safari didn't do much for World Environment Day, which is today June 5th as it is every year. We drove 100 mile + (160 km) round trip to visit family but little else. On the way back a Common Tern (176(+17 = 193)) flew across the motorway in front of us.
The 'usual' Roe Deer weren't in their field at the motorway junction today and the raptor score was Kestrels 3 v Buzzards 1
Other than that little has happened today...but the big news is the garden patio...aka moth trapping zone...rebuild his now complete...all we need now the right sort of weather for moth trapping and BBQs not this cold miserable drizzle we've got now - World Environment Day??? Early June - we've got Little Bertha lit this evening :-( 
From this disintegrating affair running  the risk of finding the pond in the kitchen one day

To this swanky outdoor space.

Just a little titivating to do to finish off and add a few tubs of plants.
Where to next? Back to the grind tomorrow, wonder if patch 2 will produce anything of note in these 'interesting' weather conditions.
In the meantime let us know what how the world's environment is affecting your outback.

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