Saturday, 9 June 2012


The Safari didn't go to the Lake District today - rain, rain and more rain had us deciding to stay home.
The afternoon tried to brighten up a bit and we saw a Blackbird collecting mealworms we'd put out for the Wren that is nesting somewhere nearby.
Taken through wet double glazing at a horribly high ISO

Only this female visits the garden, where does the male go...or is she a lone parent?
The male Peregrine has reappeared on the tower which is not good, hopefully down to the weather and not to something more sinister.

Where to next? Mothy might go out tonight assuming the forecasts are right and the rain does actually stop. And perhaps coastwards in the morning to see how many cetaceans aren't out there this time.
In the meantime let us know if the rain did eventually stop in your outback...getting flippin sick of this glorious summer weather here now.

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