Sunday, 24 June 2012

Tiny success!

The Safari and our Extreme Photographer met up with AB at his Smooth Winged Conehead site. He'd got there a little before and already had one in the net...this was gonna be easy!
We swept the vegetation and got another two, yes that was all.
The pond was beautiful in the afternoon sunshine with Azure Damselflies everywhere and a couple of  4-Spotted Chasers whipping round after each other. The netted small stuff was varied and interesting with a plethora of beetles, mirid bugs and spiders, none of which we knew the names of.

Nursery Web Spider?
A rather dapper Frog

But all the fuss was about the coneheads - at the time we believed these to be the first record for the Fylde but alas AB has been beaten to it that six years!
Still cracking little beasties though - wonder how many other marshy areas along the North Blackpool Pond Trail have them, or other ponds in town for that matter...only one way to find out...get sweeping!

Back at Base Camp we found a Small Angle Shades on our new brick wall- National Moth Night has been and gone but this just about made up for not being able to get the trap out at all over the three nights

Brilliant afternoon, beats twitching a Little Swift or dipping a very late news White Winged Black Tern
Where to next? Just the small matter of a footy quarter final to be enjoyed/endured.
In the meantime let us know what the nets in your outback have revealed.


Anno said...

Nothing like a Nursery Web 'fraid dude - it would have a wacking dorsal stripe end to end - its a Tetragnatha,probably extensa - a long jawed spider...

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Cheers ears - got me dorsal colours muxed ip!