Thursday, 21 June 2012

Run off our feet

The Safari has been inordinately busy recently with more to come. School visits and weekend events have taken over at the mo leaving little time for safari-ing...Not to mention bad weather and a certain footy competition also eating into available time. Quarter finals - who'd have thought it...Come on England!
Then we met a friend at one of the many events who passed on this pic...

He's only gone and found Fylde's first (as far as we know, but we're fairly certain say 98%) conehead - this one being Short Winged Conehead. So guess what...yep, we're meeting up with him and our Extreme (but still monster lens-less) Photographer on Sunday arvo to explore the Conehead Zone further...another Fylde first for the North Blackpool Pond Trail!
This morning a dreary sea gave us just one Grey Seal and three Common Terns...thrilling...NOT.
Where to next? School all day again tomorrow, not wildlife-ing or energy this time but geology...our first dip of the toe into the strange world of Ice-Age rocks from the beach...ties in nicely with climate change and sea-level rise and ocean acidification...
In the meantime let us know if you've been able to get out n about in your outback.

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