Friday, 13 September 2013

Appreciating appreciation

The Safari is now wondering what you're wondering what on earth we're on about. Does that make sense?
Anyway it started with an email conversation with LMcR in which we said that saving the world is a serious business but we've all got to have fun doing it and sharing it. From there on the drive home we got to thinking about what exactly appreciation of the natural world is...oh ohhh we diving into the dodgy realms of philosophy...
Let's start with the sunrise we witnessed - gorgeous intense colours and splendid patterns in the clouds we couldn't help but stop and stare for a few minutes and who wouldn't, we really appreciated it. But what of the other folk around at that time did they see it and if they did did they take note and if they did was that enough for 'appreciation'? Appreciation is a weird thing; the Hedgehog we had a fleeting glimpse of made us give a little smile of appreciation. So why do we appreciate things and others not, the Hedgie is easy, there's a little reward of having seen something most people don't see - is that elitist? But the sunrise everyone can see, it happens everyday, it doesn't do anything to or for you or does it and if so what is that thing?
All getting a bit more weirder by the minute!!!
No wildlife news today, yes we were looking so no we didn't see anything to put in the note book.
Fun is what started this and not being too serious. Not wildlife this time but shouldn't be too serious in the music business like the wildlife business, so here's a bit of local musical fun.
At 3.00 mins you can see our work in the background.

Then they go all up-market

Sadly their gig at the Big Park's bandstand this coming Sunday has been cancelled due to impending weather that could be useful for Leach's Petrels later in the later than Wednesday please.
Where to next? Mothy is on for possibly the last but maybe the penultimate time this year...can't pot moths with a dirty great plaster cast on your right arm! And there may well be the first vis migging session of the season in the morning too.
In the meantime let us know what you've appreciated and why/how in your outback

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Anonymous said...

Interesting & thoughtful post, Dave.
All i can say is...different things make different people tick and therefore different levels of appreciation.