Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Rubbish wind

The Safari had too much wind from the wrong direction today, consequently Patch 2 was pretty much rubbish with barely a bird or anything else seen.
Later in the morning we were able to get down onto the beach and have a look at what the tide had brought in. Disappointingly little after yesterday's good strand-line.
We prodded the largest clump of Bladderwrack with  our welly and saw there were several Idotea balticas lurking in its midst, including some small ones which we think may be juveniles but don't quote us on that!
A little further along we came across something we never like to see, a small but very dead Lesser Spotted Catshark, it will be scavenged and won't totally go to waste.
A lump of 'stuff' caught our eye but what type of stuff is it exactly - not totally sure but Sea Chervil, a Bryozoan colonial animal is what we think it is and quite a big colony at that.
Walking back to the office along the foot of the wall we looked for Grey Top Shells, a really scarce shell here - naturally we didn't find one; if anyone does find one would they be so kind as to keep it for us to put in our schools specimens box please.
Instead while we were looking for small things we found this little chap which we weren't positive about.
 We hoped it was something a bit exciting but DB told us it was 'just' a very tiny Edible Whelk.
As we were leaving work different DB popped by to show us some interesting finds from his recent trip to South Wales. First out of his bag a bird's beak, hmmm not sure about that one - a Manx Shearwater, thought they were shorter than that! Next out we recognised Harbour Porpoise vertebrae, then a real whopper of a vertebra - we mis-identified it as a small whale, Pilot Whale? - wrong - a bit bigger from a Minke Whale - impressive piece of bonery!
While we were chatter a flash of white caught our attention over on the big pergola thingy. A small brown bird was sat up on the top and through his bins DB was able to confirm its identity as a Wheatear. How rare are they in the works garden! Usually there's far too many dog walkers and we don't ever see them.
It hopped back down onto the ground out of sight and gave us the opportunity to sneak up on it with the camera.
All told a poor day turned out all right in the end - isn't wildlife wonderful!
Where to next? More Patch 2 stuff and with a change in the wind anything (or nothing) might be out there.
In the meantime let us know what's flashing its white bits in your outback.
Right, we're off now - small matter of an England match to watch.

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Anonymous said...

Nice one, Dave. I do love to see other things than birds etc.