Saturday, 14 September 2013

Think that was the last of our summer

The Safari has just had a look mat the overnight forecast and a bit of rain is forecast, we could have chanced it but we've put the mothy away for the winter, the garden furniture is similarly stashed and our bike has been oiled and wheeled to the back of said garage...but not before riding it home from work after having to leave it there and calling for a rescue from Wifey due to seriously inclement weather in the week. A much better day today the wind wasn't too strong and the sun was warm, cycling was a breeze, that was until we got a whiff of something on the breeze...something familiar but decidedly unpleasant! It was barely noticeable at first but it was there and getting stronger all the time; 300 yards later the rotting lump of most of  a male Harbour Porpoise was found at the foot of the steps - sorry wave energy deflectors - - they might look like steps but they're not.
Not the best thing the see/smell on a busy Saturday lunchtime.
Another assault on the senses was to be found this time an assault on the ears and a nice (but loud) one at that!
There was a TVR convention in town, the place of their 'birth', over 300 of the brutes from very early ones to the super-car last of the marque. A sticker on the rear of one tickled us 'This vehicle is limited to 180mph - please pass
The burble of big V8 engines is one helluva sound, music even - certainly not noise! Noise was reserved for the Red Arrows that flew over on their way to an airshow on the Southside.
When we were a nipper there was a Taimar round the corner that lived with a BMW 2002 tourer. More recently we lived near a young lady whose boyfriend called for her in his 450SE - put it this way he didn't need to knock on her door everyone knew he was on his way about quarter of an hour before he tuned into the street!
We still prefer our Land Rover it's slightly easier to get in and out of...just doesn't quite have the looks!
Early doors we headed off not long after sunrise  to the North Blackpool Pond Trail and our vis migging spot on the old railway bridge. On the way Blackbirds hopped about under the trees, Robins ticked, Wrens sang and Dunnocks peeeeped, several Swallows hawked over the treetops in the cool morning air...all was good. On the bridge we saw cloud to the south of us, cloud to the west of use and cloud to the east of us but to the north it was crystal clear, we could almost see the sheep on the Lake District fells.
Nothing moved in our direction, nothing at all apart from the flock of local Goldfinches hopping round from Thistle patch to Thistle patch.
To cut our losses we left far earlier than he planned to - probably missed loads after we left - and went back to Base Camp to empty the moth trap. We were warned what might be in the trap by a Common Wasp clinging to the outside. Three more were inside and gingerly removed.
You have to admit they have a menacing look about them!
Only two moths were found in there, a Eudonia mercurella
But the other one was the star of the morning. What a stonker - Canary Shouldered Thorn.
He doesn't look quite real somehow, more like a gonk.
Not a bad one for the last moth out of the trap for the year.
Where to next? Could be a bit of this or a bit of that or a bit of both tomorrow, depends on the wind and what time the rain starts.
In the meantime let us know what's doing most of the menacing in your outback.


Warren Baker said...

That last shot of the CST is a real stonker Davyman!

Enjoy the coming Autumn mate :-)

cliff said...

Some cracking macro shots there Dave. The last one of the wasp & last two of the Thorn moth are corkers!