Monday, 30 September 2013

More good news from the east

The Safari didn't do any vis migging this morning. Judging by the local reports we didn't miss much. A few minutes before lunchtime we were looking out of the kitchen window when the sun started to shine for the first time this morning and we saw the Black Darter fly past...or was it another one???
We are a very lucky invalid in the CR gave us a lift to the nature reserve again, and that not long after news of a Red Necked Grebe there had broken! 
A quick look in the book told us this was only the fourth record there since the mid-1800s, although the previous three were all in the 1980s, the last in '87.
It wasn't easy to see being distant and mostly asleep hidden in the Water Lilies. 179; MMLNR #109
Thanks again to CR for the pics.
Can you see it???
No re-appearance of last night's, a CR's morning hoped for, Glossy Ibis. This evening a Garganey turned up but left shortly afterwards, that would have been a useful addition to the nature reserve year list.
Where to next? Still after the elusive but everywhere Yellow Browed Warbler but will be rediculously lucky enough to fid one at Base Camp? Young Un AB found one a few yards from his place when he got home from college - the swine!
In the meantime let us know what's drifted in from the east in your outback.

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Warren Baker said...

Nice one davyman,
Enjoy you invalidity!