Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Last day out for a while

The Safari tried unsuccessfully to go and see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition that is on in town until next week - doors are supposed to open at 10.00, the shutters were still well and truly down at 11.00 so disappointing as we're unlikely to be able to get there next week. Serves us right for not going earlier!
A quick look at the boating pool wader roost, just in case, gave us seven Redshanks and nine Turnstones, two of which were having a right royal barney.
We decided to get the tram down past work to see if we could find the Purple Sandpiper at its roost but the tide was already well up driven by the still stiff breeze and we couldn't find any sign of it or the Turnstones it's been hanging around with.
While waiting for the doors to open we had  look at the sea, some Leach's Petrels had been seen elsewhere so there was a till a chance but we did see four terns in the distance and two Golden Plovers heading north.
Getting back to Base Camp we had another practice at left handed photography. Not the best of conditions with wind throwing the feeders around and little sun which was already past its optimum direction. We reckon between 10.00 and 11.00 will be the best time as the sun will be above the houses nearby and not too much in front of us. The window is still rain-soaked and thebackground makes it a bit dark too.
Shutter speed is far too slow but these are today's results.
It can only get better! The birds might even start to prefer the nearer feeders as well - that would be a boon!
A walk down to the coast mid-afternoon gave us a dozen or more Swallows swooping low over a local park and there were a few Meadow Pipits going over too. Base Camp gave us two Speckled Woods which were very welcome given the weather conditions.
Where to next? No updates for a couple of days, fingers crossed will still have finger to cross this time tomorrow.
In the meantime lets us know if the conditions in your outback precluded decent attempts at photography.


Warren Baker said...

All the best for tomorrow Davyman :-)

Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well, Dave.

cliff said...

Hope the op. went well & you have a speedy recovery Dave.