Tuesday, 3 September 2013

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The Safari has just watched the TV programme about moving Tasmanian Devils to what is hoped to be a cancer-free island as they are in imminent danger of extinction from the transmissible disease. The rehabber featured came out with a cracker when asked if they are dangerous..."nah" she said, "just keep away from the mouth end" - luv it; straight to the point Aussie style. we did notice that she was still using old-fashioned latex teats on her bottles to feed the little orphans, she'd be better off using Burston Blues.
Not a lot of news today, we did get out early on Patch 2 and had already missed an Arctic Skua according our txt from Young Un AB who was at the shelter a little further down. 52 Sandwich Terns roosted on the beach before being rudely and unnecessarily disturbed by dog walkers, at least another dozen fished out at sea. A couple of Bar Tailed Godwits probed away just beyond them until they too were flushed. 
Much further out in the rough we had no chance of counting about 1000 Common Scoters. Then we missed a Grey Seal right in front of us that popped up and popped down again.
By the time lunchtime had come round the wind had dropped and the sea calmed down. we were hopeful of some mammal action but there was very little out there, best were two Swallows coming northwards that reached us then decided they were going the wrong way after all and turned back.
We cycled home gazing at the now flat calm but distant sea barely a ripple so no Bottlenose Dolphin tick on the 'seen from the saddle' list.
We always look up when we hear the screams from the Big One
We always look out for the adult Yellow Legged Gull we've seen the last couple of summers but we ain't seen it yet.
Plenty of Herring Gulls around though as would be expected in a seaside town.

At Base Camp a three or more Swallows flew over, the correct direction this time, an obvious bit of movement today but still no House Martins either at Base Camp or Patch 2.
Frank dragged us to Patch 1 where the Blackberries are still large, juicy and sweet! Overhead we counted 11 more Swallows on the move.
Here's another Herring Gull pic we should have shown you yesterday, nice P6 moult action going on there.
Where to next? Light winds tomorrow which should mean a flat sea, wonder if we'll find anything over-exciting. No chance of a Patch 2 visit at lunchtime unfortunately.
In the meantime let us know who's doing all the screaming in your outback - seriously hope it's not Badgers!

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