Monday, 9 September 2013

The seasons do changeth

The Safari saw our as many Wheatears on the seawall at Patch 2 this morning as we saw all other birds on the sea. A grand total of one of each the aforementioned Wheatear bringing our Patch 2 total to 74 and a solitary juvenile gull on the sea. 
It took a while before anything else showed itself, four Cormorants flew north not too far out and a Sandwich Tern appeared to break the monotony.
We now know our Asian 'friends' have totally stripped all the Mussels from the outfall pipe as there's been no sign of them climbing all over it collecting them for several low tides. Musta taken them all leaving nothing for the birds and fish all winter - thanks a bunch!
Lunchtime wasn't a lot better but at least there was some activity to enjoy. Half a dozen Gannets swirled round but only dived very occasionally. The 10 or so Sandwich Terns seemed to having more success.
Stars of the session were the two individual Red Throated Divers the first we've seen since the spring which confirmed the seasons are on the turn and the chill of winter isn't too far away.
Back at Base Camp after work we took Frank out and heard a Willow/Chiff hweeting from somewhere around the back gardens of the nearby houses. Another one was heard near Magpie Wood and when it was pished out it turned out to be a yellowy juvenile Willow Warbler
Nothing else was found during our hour out with his nibs...he's definitely getting fitter and wanting to be much more active.
Where to next? More Patch 2y stuff tomorrow and we might be able to get on the beach for a look at the strand-line, there was plenty of seaweed washed up this morning so there might be something of interest.
In the meantime let us know what's diving around in your outback.

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