Thursday, 15 May 2014

A little trek

The Safari has had a bit of a road trip southwards today.
We did the usual motorway counting game which had the following outcomes:-
Buzzards 8 v 2 Kestrels
Dead Badgers 2 v 0 dead Hedgehogs....not sure about that one 60 miles on motorway and 60 miles on rural main roads where are all the squashed Hedgehogs, good to see no dead ones but very worrying to see none at all - suggests a very low population.
Also seen was a Hare and a dead Barn Owl and a Yellowhammer close to our destination was heard through the open car window.
Before we left Base Camp had a remarkable first. We'd filled the feeders and in the small one put some mealworms for the local Robin. He didn't get a look in cos a small party of Starlings found it somehow. Starlings are a very rare visitor to the garden at Base Camp, huge flocks fly over from their winter roosts but to get one in the garden is really rare, they just never come this way preferring to stay on the far side of the main road  so how on earth did they find our feeder? Smell???

Pics taken through the kitchen window.
Where to next? Hmmmm not sure yet.
In the meantime let us know what mega common rare appeared in your outback
No Twitter down here and the phone barely works - it's like having an arm cut off!!!

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