Friday, 30 May 2014

Bees n stuff

The Safari was a bit disappointed to see fewer Gannets doing less on Patch 2 this morning. Little else about and no sign of the dodgy gull.
By lunchtime the tide was in and we were out again on the wall to see three widely dispersed Grey Seals. The same Gannets were still about and doing even less.
A walk down the corridor had us spot a cold bumble bee lurking close to the windows in the Gorse bushes.
Another sighting along the corridor was made by a colleague who pointed us in the direction of our first Cinnabar moth of the year which was sitting on the inside of the window frame.
Back at Base Camp the bee theme continued when we saw another Tree Bee drinking honey, which we've learned we should have been giving them golden syrup or sugar water is better although  it's not strictly for the bees exclusive use.
Minutes later another bee of an unknown species was on the sugar water soaked sponge lapping up the calories. Can anyone tell us what it is from its face?
It was only little so possibly Bombus pratorum???
Where to next? The garden bioblitz starts tomorrow so the mothy is out.
In the meantime let us know who's on the sweet stuff in your outback

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Warren Baker said...

Any sweet stuff here is gobbled up by me davyman!!