Thursday, 22 May 2014

Back in the digital land of wireless gadgets

The Safari isn't sure if we're glad to be back in the 21st Century or not yet. It has its compensations but it does have a lot missing  - the garden here is almost silent compared with the constant birdsong of the last week.
Here's a bit of video from the stealth-cam, not sure what all that mist m'larky is at the end.

Surely the mist would be cool and not picked up by the infra-red or does it just pick up the temperature difference even if it's colder?
Where to next? More pics to show you from sunny Shropshire.
In the meantime let us know what who's been pottering around on your lawn

1 comment:

cliff said...

Excellent Badger footage Dave - I've only ever seen dead ones at the roadside :-(

The mist is weird, like you say - why would that trigger the camera?