Thursday, 29 May 2014

More from Patch 1

The Safari had a great morning on Patch 2 watching about 30 or so Gannets diving for fish. Not much with them, where are the terns? Close in, only a couple of hundred yards behinds the very gentle surf they were diving very shallowly but further out they were plunge diving from way high.
Eight Shelducks went past but little else was happening.
At lunch time most of them had dispersed leaving three Grey Seals in their wake - nice but not cetaceans.
A fascinating Herring Gull was milling around with the other gulls. In all respects it was normal apart from the primaries on its left wing...they were Glaucous or Iceland Gull-like pure white giving it a weird asymmetry. In flight coming directly towards us it look strangely lob-sided. Sadly it was far too far off for a photo but we'll be keeping an eye out for it tomorrow.
While were waiting for for a crack at that gull here's some more pics from Patch 1 the other day
Bird's Foot Trefoil

Common Blue butterfly
Same one
Common Vetch
Perforated Elm leaf
Another one
Mating Water Measurers in the pond
More of the little so n sos
Mouse Eared Hawkweed - not seen this species here before
Parasitised Yellow Dung Fly

Frog in pond at Base Camp
Back to the Common Blue butterfly
Tenthredo sp
Same one
Wolf Spider with egg sac
Where to next? Think we'll be looking for a certain wonky gull and we've got another visit to the 'snake-pit' on the way back to Base Camp after work.
In the meantime let us know who's got the wonky colouration in your outback.


cliff said...

Another fine haul Dave. I've not seen a Common Blue butterfly yet this year, must try & put that right this weekend. Love the mating Water Measurers, I think your Sawfly could be Rhogogaster viridis.

Warren Baker said...

That wild area at patch one looks good Davyman, wouldn't mind having my garden looking like that..........if it was big enough!!

Phil Slade said...

Think your Gull may have been spotted up PJM way Dave.