Saturday, 17 May 2014

Up high

The Safari had a lazy morning watching the chickens in the garden and listening to the birdsong, there's very little traffic here to detract from it.
Interweb connection here is on the dire side of poor so no chance of uploading pics, it's so remote yet only a short drive to one of the UK's largest conurbations and we're down in a valley so mobile reception is almost non-existent too. And do you know what, we're not really missing the trappings of modern life.
We've been to the pub and had a few beers in the sunshine but mostly the garden here has kept us interested.
Spotted Flycatchers (155) arrived today, looks like we've got a pair by the little waterfall on the stream here and we heard a Cuckoo (154) yesterday at the National Trust honeypot Cardingmill Valley - gorgeous little site we'll have to go back to and explore in much more detail.
We're still a little way behind arch rival year-lister Monika who is now on 168.
Other stuff in the garden has been lots of Green Veined White and Orange Tip butterflies with singles (so far) of Brimstone and Red Admiral.
Top of the inverts has been a couple of Beautiful Demoiselles one nearly managed to get its picture taken! We've tried the moth trap without the box and found a White Ermine and a Cockchafer beetle clinging to thee adjacent wall.
Ages ago Aussie Glen asked us to get some pics of a favourite animal of his from here and so far we've failed miserably...very miserably...until now...Success Aussie G but it's so long ago can you remember what it was you wanted?
Where to next? A brief visit back to civilisation tomoz for a birthday party for Wifey with LCV and family...he's promised us a BBQ so get yer brollies ready for the deluge.
In the meantime let us know what's escaped from civilisation in your outback


Warren Baker said...

Nothing like a nice lazy morning Davyman :-)

cliff said...

Sounds idyllic Dave - enjoy!