Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Back in the saddle

The Safari has been busy getting back to work but seeing very little on Patch 2.
A quick whizz round the almost forgotten Patch 1 after family duties the other day gave us our first local damselflies of the year.

Male Azure Damselfly

Female Azure Damselfly

Lots of other stuff too which has been photographed but not yet processed apart from this fuzzy Parasitic Wasp of Lordy only knows what species.
Should have the rest of them ready for your delectation later in the week.
Another brief sortie down the motorway to what is becoming one of our fave reserves gave us the following.
Bee mimicing hoverfly Leucozoma lucorum
Male Common Blue Damselfly
Early Purlpe Orchid

Giant Horsetail
Interlocking Beech and Oak trees
Large Red Damselfly
Redshank again
Ringed Plover
Snipe Fly
Swifts in the rain
 Where to next? Gotta be something on Patch 2 sooner rather than later.
|In the meantime let us know what weird and wonderful wildlife has been furtively lurking in your outback.

Don't forget to have a go at the Garden Bioblitz 2014 this weekend - we certainly are.

1 comment:

cliff said...

A fine set of photos Dave, love all the Swifts. Good to see damsels back locally, I'm keeping my fingers crossed they turn up at my pond this year after drawing a blank last summer. BTW - I think your female Common Blue is actually a female Azure??