Saturday, 10 May 2014

Dodging downpours

The Safari hasn't done any wildlifing today the wind and rain early on were horrendous so any thoughts of heading to the cliffs went straight out the window, instead we've been helping Wifey with a bit of gardening. She's been given some plants and tubs to plant them in so a trip to the garden centre was required to get some compost for them.
The drive there gave us some nice roadside plants, only Meadow Buttercup and Ox-eye Daisies for the most part but nice and bright all the same - no doubt some jobs-worth will have them mown down next week leaving soggy mounds of rotting cuttings on the grass...we really have to work harder to get the powers that be in our area to mow a lot lot less frequently to make sure the flowers set seed and the bees and other pollinators get a fair whack at them.
At the garden centre a Swift flew over and a flock of Rooks poked for grubs in the lawn, not often we get a good look at this rather commonplace species.
The rest of the day was spent watching the garden through rain soaked windows. The feeders have been very lively with stonking male Greenfinches visiting, not seen any females, a pair of Goldfinches and regular visits by our nesting Great Tits and the neighbour's Blue Tits. Not on the feeders was a bit of a skulking Dunnock which may have a nest in or near our Spirea bush.
There's a lot of noise coming from our Great Tits nesting in the House Sparrow terrace, also noisy are the House Sparrows under the eaves of the corner house, good to hear them but will they come our way when they fledge?
We've been eye-ing things up for this year's Garden Bioblitz at the end of the month, hope you'll join in too.
Where to next? really must get the camera out tomorrow but will the weather let us and where will we end up?
In the meantime let us know if it was any more profitable in your outback.

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