Monday, 19 May 2014

Another little belter in the garden

The Safari has been busy mooching about in various places including a successful BBQ. Whilst at the BBQ we saw a few decent birds going over as we chowed down on burgers, pork steaks chicken wings, spicy sausages etc...even a bit of salady stuff!
A Great Spotted Woodpecker flew over as did a few Mallards. The local House Sparrows and Blackbirds garden hopped back and forth from their nests. Overhead the big interest was in the Swifts which were swirling round screaming and mating prompting LCV to think about investing in a nest box for them next year. 
Today we had another morning at Cardingmill Valley and met up with our old chum 'DC from C' who we've not seen for the best part of 30 years! The swine has a tractor to play with as well...a big green one and associated fun kit like little 4x4 mules. Lucky devil.
Back at temporary Base Camp we had another wander along the stream before the forecast rain started. We were looking for Beautiful Demoiselles but there weren't any out this arvo. A few spits of rain came down and just after a movement to the side of us caught our eye...only a male Pied Flycatcher (156)! Had that been there all morning while we were away, we didn't see it on our early morning round, or had the light shower dropped it in front of very eyes. Holly Blue was a new butterfly for us here.
This little patch is really providing some good stuff.
We watched a recently fledged Wren trying to hide in the shrubbery and were privileged to witness a parent coming in to feed it a beakful of what look like Mayflies of which there are plenty emerging from the river at the moment. 
Nice wildflowers are blooming too, the lawns are full of Bugle, the hedgerows bursting with Greater Stitchwort and the riverbank has a few Yellow Archangels out.
Still no chance of adding any pics for you - it's gonna be a pic fest when we get back to permanent Base Camp! 
Where to next? Not sure what's happening tomoz, could be a bit weather dependent.
In the meantime what was hopping around in the shrubbery in your outback.

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