Monday, 31 May 2010

Back in Blighty

The safari is home safe and sound - well unsound actally with a badly pulled muscle in the lower back - can't stand, sit, walk, lie down or drive - sort of in a lumbago limbo!!!!
At least we've managed to identify the butterfly at the top of the last posting as Common Buckeye - other butterflies seen but not captured included Vicerory/Monarch? Gulf Fritillary, Zebra Heliconian, Palamedes Swallowtail, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail and Zebra Swallowtail, dedtails of these can be found here.
No other news, can't get to the Patches...
Where to next? Off for more pills and potions
In the meantime let us us know if the back of your outback is OK


Craig said...

Hi Dave, Sorry to hear about you injuring your back, hope you have a
speedy recovery.
best wishes, Craig

Warren Baker said...

Welcome home to sunny England Dave.

PS just getting over my back injury!!

Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Sunny indeed today Warren nice but not 30C! Hope the back m'larky doesn't linger for long...not at my age get to hear of all thise horror stories, hope Craig has got the speedy recovery bit right...



Monika said...

Ugh, I hope you feel better soon! At least it didn't keep you immobilized while on vacation.