Thursday, 6 May 2010

Not all gloom and despondency

The Safari could hardly see a thing in the mist this morning on Patch 1. Heavy overnight rain and mild temperatures had combined to give a thick mist at tree top level. Although the dawn chorus had long since finished many birds were still doin a bit o’ warbling. Yesterday’s Chiffchaff was still present and a Willow Warbler has reappeared. The Coal Tit was singing again and two Blackcaps were in the park with the usual third in the Golden Triangle. A randy pair of Mallards were trying to get it on whilst avoiding the multitude of early morning mad dogs. From the darkest recesses of the housing estate we could hear the scratchy rasp of a Whitethroat, weird to hear this sound from where we were stood but the rough field is only a few yards away behind the houses. A Song Thrush was also heard for the first time in a while. No raptors of any description on the Patch this morning.
At Patch 2 we met MJ who had just arrived and seen the grand total of one Sandwich Tern in the gloom, visibility was atrocious although the sea was flat calm. After a short chat, during which he pointed out a passing Gannet, we set up in our usual (new temporary) position and found five Sandwich Terns stood on the beach which MJ probably couldn’t see from his vantage point. In amongst a small loose flock of Herring Gulls sat a Razorbill – that was it, we couldn’t stand the excitement! We walked off as MJ was also leaving – he couldn’t contain his excitement either. Comparing notes he’d not see the Razorbill but had found a Red Throated Diver which we hadn’t noticed – So a score draw; honours even!
Once again we were too busy for a lunchtime visit to Patch 2 but we did manage to secure a ticket for the big play-off match on Saturday…nice one!!!! Now that puts the Golden Eagle twitch out of the running…probably woulda rained up there and we wouldn’t have stood a chance of seeing it anyway! Will have to go somewhere a bit nearer on Sunday instead.
Patch 2 after work gave us our first raptor of the day - a bonus Kestrel (WT#85) hovering over the rough field; don't think there are any voles left there but there will be invertebrate prey to be had.
Where to next? Patch, patch and more patch until Sunday.
With it being General Election day here we trust that all our UK readers have put pen to paper but think on: No matter who you vote for the Government always gets in.
In the meantime enjoy this late result of a pair of Eyed Hawkmoths we were kindly put on to by one of the Rangers who 'saved them til later' for us...

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Warren Baker said...

Strange old moth there Dave!

PS it 'aint going to get any warmer any time soon! :-(