Friday, 28 May 2010

The end is nigh

The safari dipped a Manatee today, which Wifey managed to spot in the murkey waters. We did net our first butterfly though...which was nice, but not one of the over sized ones they have in these parts.
Not identified this little lizard hanging around the dock yet - have to wait til we get home now.
And the best bit of our trip - Wifey gets to fulfil a lifelong ambition and sing one of her favourite songs with a proper Cajun band in the proper 'South' - epic stuff - what's more this place is owned and run by close relatives of the great Leon Wilkeson of Lynryd Skyrnryd fame and his memorablilia is all over the shop. We were treated to excelent renditions of Sweet Home Alabama and, of course, Freebird.
Wifey went down such a storm that the other guests started asking for requests - great memories!
Where to next? Back to cold wet and windy Patches with very fond memories of the people and wildlife of this part of NW Florida - you gotta go a long way to beat a Swallow Tailed Kite!
In the meantime let us know who's singing in your uotback.


Craig said...

Hope you have a safe trip home.

best wishes,

Anno said...

'Fisons goes to Florida'- good name for a band...

I think you have another Anole there matey-boy this time a Brown Anole - popular in the pet trade as wild caught specimens.

Say Hi to Gracey Van Zandt!!

Monika said...

So glad you had a good trip and nice weather for your Florida stay. How cool your wife got to sing!

PS We're in a car for the trip and staying mostly in hotels. Just reached Alaska proper yesterday!

Fleetwood Birder said...

Hello Dave,

I haven't looked in for a while so didn't realise you were in Florida. Just caught up with all your blogs and it would seem like you had a hell of a trip. And you're right I would have loved the Skynyrd stuff!