Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Everywhere's shut

The safari has been out enjoying the sunshine again today. Last night we were waiting to be served in a restaurant a 10 foot long Alligator swam past the window - not something you see every day back in Blighty! This was the third place we had tried cos we work on European time for eating and in this part of America everywhere shuts up shop horribly early by comparison.
Today we had a road trip up country across the County Line to an old (by local standards) fishing village. That too was mostly shut!
The Brown Pelicans gave a good show with their attendant Laughing Gulls. Also seen was a Reddish Egret and a Louisiana Heron.

At one point we had eight Ospreys in the air together along with a few Turkey Vultures too.

(Barn) Swallows were nesting beneath the pier and Boat Tailed Grackles hopped around the dock.
A last look at Laughing Gulls for you.
Best bird in the book was seen today replacing Mediterranean Gulls and Moorhens as the safari's favourites - Swallow Tailed Kites! Saw several while driving but couldn't find any to photograph unfortunately; no wonder they are the logo bird of the Florida Birding Trail.
Where to next? More boaty rides comin up tomorrow.
In the meantime let us know what has become the new favourite in your outback.

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