Tuesday, 18 May 2010

It's oot!

Is this the final remains of a burglar Frank nailed in the garden at Base Camp?
The safari had a day out with birthday girl Wifey and Frank. Lovely Bluebells in the woods. We met one of our fellow moth-ers from NMN last weekend on the track who was looking for a specific Hoverfly whose larvae feeds on the bulbs of the Wild Garlic of which there are millions here...yes he found the Hoverfly.

The river was very inviting on what was probably the hottest day of the year. The flick of drips flying from the tip of Frank's tail shows how much he was enjoying himself. A little earlier a pair of Grey Wagtails weren't impressed by his presence and gave him a right old scolding.
He loved playing hunt the thrown stone, but never found it - a bit cruel really.
Did he care - nah it was great fun in that cool water.
Yesterday we mentioned the knots of May and the fact that until the May is out then clothes shouldn't be removed...well, as predicted this morning on Patch 1 the May blossom buds pictured had opened so you can all official strip off now.
No sign of any Treecreepers or Spotted Flycatchers or Kingfishers so no new year ticks from a beautiful day out. Nice Coal Tit on the feeders at the car park where we had our birthday picnic lunch. Guess who left the milk for the brews at home...got the stove, gas, ketttle, water, coffee, tea, sugar, spoon...left the darn milk...doh, doh and double doh...
Where to next? Still gotta get down to Zilch Alley...
In the meantime let us know if anything was forgotten in your outback today.

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Warren Baker said...

One thing forgotten was the Sun !! It disappears every afternoon as I go out :-(

Glad you had some though :-)