Saturday, 22 May 2010

Oh Joy of joys!!!!!

The Safari might have been 4500 miles from Wembley but we were still wearing our Tangerine! Well sort of taken it off now as it is 31C in the shade...niiiiccccceee.
'Pool WON....ARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH.....WOW WOW AND HOLY WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Premiership look out here we come!!!! Is it too early to think about a Champions League place?
Back to the usual fare - we were out fairly early after our marathon trek yesterday and found this squirrel hopping around in a neighbouring garden (should that be neighboring while we're this side of the pond?)
Somewhat unsure = no idea - what species, could even be the common or garden Eastern Grey Squirrel from our very own Patch 1 for all we know. Anyone Stateside know which one of the many it might be?
I love the Spanish Moss but speaking to a charming lady this morning it transpires the locals don't like it as it kills the trees.
This dragonfly was out early butu still not quite fully warmed up - been fruitlessly trying to sneak up on butterflies all 'eck they're quick in these temperatures.
Again no idea which species it is. A 'Something' Emperor or Darner perhaps.
Oh my eye there is a male Cardinal on the lawn not 20 feet away!...they are just too bright to be real...but can we get a pic of the flightly little things...not safe to leave the meshed 'compound' - the Horse Flies are the size of sparrows with beaks to match...scarry things - early morning will be better before the monsters have woken up and are looking for breakfast.
A selsection of other stuff seen today included a flock of White Ibis, Brown Thrasher (excellent name), the unfeasibly large Carolina Wren and Northern Mockingbird. Also found a Red Bellied Woodpecker's nest to stake out - wonder if we'll have more success than with the Great Spots at home the other day? Aren't Chimney Swifts weird, really like long winged bats...and who shrunk the doves? Saw a little flockette of Ground Doves, very pretty but smaller than a Starling, the Mourning Doves are more normally sized but with a spectacular tail - it's just about true that everything is bigger, better, brighter in the good ole US of A.
Where to next? Gotta go 'n find some local Clams to chomp on....yummmmmm.
In the meantime let us know if you have any success getting pics at the 'peckers nest in your outback.


Monika said...

Glad you're enjoying the wildlife! How long are you stateside?

cliff said...

Congrats on the promotion Dave, luckily for you you'll now avoid the mighty Leeds mext season, shame as that would've been 6 points guaranteed for us ;-). The town turned orange yesterday, plenty of hooting of horns & high spirits yesterday evening. Enjoy your hols. BTW - it's cracking the flags here too.


Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Monika - only here a week unfortunately - s long way to travel for such short stay but having a great time.

Cliff - rest assured that I would have been a hootin an a tootin too!!!! Shame we're not able to turn Leedsover twice next season - Now were do I sit when Everton come to town???????