Saturday, 8 May 2010

Humming another unpleasant tune

The safari had no early Patch 1 visit but a mid morning traipse out there gave us a new species for the walking List - Lesser Whitethroat (#86).
Then the important business of the day at Bloomfield Road.
An early goal from the visitors had the crowd on edge but we needn't have worried the boys did us proud and turned 1 - 0 down into a 2 -1 win. The winning goal was this Charlie Adam penalty after works favourite DJ Campbell was brought down as he drove in to the penno area. (One of my colleagues is called Campbell but is no relation)

Could really have been 5 -4 for either team, a very open match. Bring on the second leg in Nottingham on Tuesday evening - we'll be in the local pub for that one. Double thanks to PS for the ticket.

After the match we took Frank to the beach for a bit of a run and found the deceased Harbour Porpoise - sheeeee did it hum, and far, far, far from a particularly nice tune!

Think it could be a male

The people on the beach had just asked why I was taking a picture of a log. Told them it was a little Dolphin to which they looked at me as if I was stupid and said in sort of a curt manner "we don't get those round here!"

Is the damage at the end of the snout post-mortem? Not to many other marks on the carcass to indicate any injuries.
Then it was a game of togger with Frank.

You don't see ears like that on Premiership players...well maybe one???...

A good attacker will shield the ball

The defender needs to keep his eyes firmly on the ball He's certainly focused on the ball...

Then makes the tackleGame over...

Well earned soak in the tub after the match...
Where to next? Moorland and upland woodland species tomorrow with a bit of luck...need to wrap up warm cos that's a bit northerly wind out there; don't blame Warren for having put the heating back on, and he's a lot nearer the equator than us!
In the meantime let us know if your outback is nearer the equator than ours too.


Craig said...

Hi Dave,

Last year i found a young dead Porpoise opposite my house on Cleveleys beach.
I was scoping some Turnstones on the beach from my lounge window and caught sight of the dead Porpoise.
I went over for a closer was about 4ft long, very sad to see.

best wishes,

Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Hi Craig

Do you recall the date, or even the month? If it was 4ft long it would be an adult or at least sub-adukt max length is only c.5ft.


PS how's your sprawks getting on?

Craig said...

Hi Dave,

I should of made a note of date but im sorry i didnt.
I guess it would of been between July and October.
Im surprised to learn adults are only 5ft (thanks for that), therefore, it would of been a small adult or juvenile.
I didnt see any noticeable injuries, it was about the same discomposure as the latest one you found in your pics.
Yes spars are doing fine.
She is not incubating yet, but i guess she has some eggs now because she is treading carefully in nest, and she is still hunting for herself.
Once the male starts bringing kills in for her and she sits tight on nest...ill then know she is incubating.
I feel like an expectant father, nervous time for me Dave.
Ive sent you an email.

best wishes,

Warren Baker said...

That dead porpoise looks like something out of Dr Who!

Still cold down here, dire in fact! Turned up the heating!

Monika said...

Bizarre snout damage on that porpoise - at first glance I almost thought it had a beak rather than the blunt porpoise face. Poor little bugger.