Monday, 3 May 2010

Wot no safari?

Late edit - Peregrine back on water tower this evening - don't think it can be going too far away. Far too cold for the moth trap tonight.
No, the Safari stayed at Base Camp today. As we emptied the moth trap first thing this morning it was obvious it was going to be a bright and sunny day so we decided to leave the roads to the geeks, gimmers, gimps and numpties and stay at home and do the garage doors, whilst watching for passing Cranes and/or Honey Buzzards - oh look up there it's pink, it's round, it's got a curly tail!
Out on Patch 1 there was a light frost on the grass, so we weren't too hopeful of a large catch particularly as there had been a cold wind during much of the night too. Patch 1 late yesterday arvo gave us crystal clear views northwards, we could almost make out next weekend's quarry soaring over the mountain tops. We also had 20 Woodpigeons clatter out of their roost in Magpie Wood.
This mornings safari round the Patch produced three singing Robins, 10 male and two female Blackbirds - and we didn't see the male with the leucistic head - six singing Wrens hit the notebook along with two male Greenfinches and a Chaffinch. A Heron came in to feast on the few remaining Frogs in the larger of the two ponds. We had a Blackcap and another in the Golden Triangle where we had a further three Greenfinches, another male Blackbird, and a Wren and a Dunnock singing.
Back at Base Camp the moth trap was emptied - it didn't take long! Four Hebrew Characters along with singles of...
Early Grey

Clouded Drab

Which has an intriguingly toothed outer edge to its antennae if you look closely.

And Common Quaker

Hope those IDs are right if not will someone please correct me.
There was also a large queen Common Wasp in the trap, which we have to admit didn't suvive; don't really want a huge nest of those hiding amongst the rubbish in the garage...a small step has been taken to off-load a few items.
Common Dog Violet is also growing as a weed, and certainly tolerated, in the garden at Base Camp, sadly its more than highly unlikely that we'll ever get any Fritillary butterflies laying their eggs on them.

So the garage doors are painted until their next coat is applied next bank holiday but everything now stinks of wood preservative. There is also some making up on the bird list to do this week as we noticed Monika has added couple to her tally this weekend. Hopefully next weekend's weather will be conducive to getting a biggy (literally - the target species is huge) and a good supporting cast too.
Where to next? Hoping that Patch 2 will produce something during the week.
In the meantime let us know if you have completed the chores in your outback this weekend.


Warren Baker said...

All the numpties will be gone tomorrow dave, all back to normal then.

Got my heating on too!!

Craig said...

Hi Dave....Just seen your post, im off to the watertower NOW its 8pm....
thanks Craig

Craig said...

Hi Dave....i got there about 8-14pm but he had gone.

cheers Craig

Monika said...

You don't have much making up to do when I'm still trailing by 8!

I'm just waiting for all those sandpipers and warblers everyone is seeing on the mainland to show up here on the islands so I can close the gap here.

That toothed antennae edge is pretty cool.