Saturday, 22 May 2010

Where are we?

The safari is somewhere a little out of the ordinary. If we told you we'd had a few new species this arvo you probably wouln't be too surprised. But when we tell you we have passed roadsigns saying Beware Bears Crossing and the species we have seen have included Snowy Egret, Northern Cardinal, Turkey Vulture and Laughing Gull you'll realise we've been upping our carbon footprint somewhat.
Before you get any exotica here are the pics from the big park yesterday, Sorry if they are a bit duff this laptop doesn't have a decent pic prog and we have trouble telling what the screen is showing is in focus, coloured correctly or what so you might have to bear with us for a little while.
Sulphur Tuft fungus - doesn't look very yellow on this monitor but in real life it was very striking.
The noisy Great Spotted Woodpecker hole...disappointed not to get the adults visiting with a gob full of grubs. Just had a similarly sized 'pecker fly over us here but didn't gat a good look at it in the larte evening light, either Hairy or Red Bellied's to tomorrow.
All say ahhh...Great Crested Grebe and youngster. Where to next? Not at all sure but it's gonna be exciting.
In the meantime let us know if your outback has suddenly changed.
Right you lot; we're off to listen to the crickets or are they Tree Frogs or both???


Monika said...

Funny that our "outbacks" are changing at exactly the same time here! As I responded to your comment, you would be totally legit in counting your exotica ticks...

Anonymous said...

Dave, isn`t that Sulphur Tuft actually Chicken of the Woods.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Cheers Dean - Fungi never were my strong point.