Friday, 14 June 2013

A dire wet sort of a day...must be mid-summer

The Safari got home from work and while prepping dinner we saw that the Wren was coming and going fairly frequently...time to get the camera organised. We put on the big lens to get the reach but the light wasn't good for mid June.
Still a heavy crop! 
We've been racking our brains but can't remember having a Wren's nest in any other garden we've had over the last 45+ years we've been watching wildlife. A little bit of high spped joy on an otherwise dismal day.
Another ray of sunshine was provided by this Poppy that has appeared in a tub, certainly not planted by us and the tub hasn't been dug over; it's one from last year that had geraniums in that were never going to survive the winter. Now its home to 'weeds' aka wildflowers, Ox-eye Daisy, Common Forget-me-not and Herb Robert along with the aforementioned Poppy.
Phone-cam pic
An Oystercatcher almost went over Base Camp's airspace and a Pied Wagtail flew up the hill in between the traffic while we were out with frank dodging cloud-bursts.
Patch 2 threw up a bit of a late surprise, we spotted a Greenfinch during a jaunt across the garden on an errand and realised that although we'd seen one whilst waiting for a meeting to start the other evening we hadn't twigged that it was the first of the year for the Patch (P2 #68).
The sea didn't give us too much but it's always good to watch Gannets fishing, glide...slow half close wings...plummet...splash...(watch thee spot and wait)...back to the surface...splishy-splahy take-off...gain height...and off we go again; could watch them all day long quite easily.
A couple of Shelducks flew past but little else was seen.
No sign of the litter infested Pigeon today.
Where to next? Not sure what the weekend will hold, wet n windy probably but no doubt we find summat to scribble about (if you can scribble on a keyboard) in between the showers...might try for better pics of the Wren if the sun does deign to shine on us.
In the meantime let us know who's dodging the cloud-bursts in your outback.

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Warren Baker said...

Got a Wrens nest just the other side of my garden wall Davyman, soon be getting young 'uns in - hopefully.

This weather is really naffing me off now, especially the endless winds :-(