Friday, 21 June 2013

Summer still clings to life

The Safari drove to work looking at a grey and murky sea this morning. A change in the weather indeed. Once at the seawall we soon picked out a Manx Shearwater traveling north, the change weather had brought a change in the birds, not seen one at all during the settled conditions. A few minutes later a female Eider flew south along the tide-line.
That was about it!
We had to be home at lunchtime so weren't able to get out again. 
Back at Base Camp we confirmed that the Wrens have fledged, it's very quiet in the garden now! Our tradesmen arrived and we went out into the front garden with Frank, who was intrigued by the goings on. Our Cotoneaster bush was alive with Tree Bees, too alive to be able to get a pic of them.
Hedgy was back again last night and talking of mammals our mammal footprint 'trap' arrived today; that ink pouder looks like it could get seriously messy...and now to find a place to put it out - trial in the garden first to learn the prints of cat, Hedgehog and Wood Mouse.

That's all folks as they used to say...
Where to next? Mothy is out but it may be full of water in the morning - we've taken the chance that it wont rain too much.
In the meantime let us know if there's been more activity in our outback.

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