Thursday, 27 June 2013

Summer's gone again but someone else has returned

The Safari set off up the hill as usual and almost immediately spotted that there was a bird sitting on one of the ledges on the water tower, we hoped it was the long missing Peregrine but it could have been a Feral Pigeon. Nothing for it but take a detour to the base of the tower and have a look from there. Good news! It was indeed the Peregrine back from its travels - but is it one of the two that are being seen in town?
It was  a having a good old shake down and wouldn't stay still which made getting decent pics at long range in duff light a bit tricky.
The first pic is full zoom and a very heavy crop, the second is with the long lens attached and a lesser crop.
It wasn't until this evening when we were going through the pics properly that we noticed that this individual is ringed.
Are either of the ones in town sporting bling? Our marine biologist chum DB now has an office from where they can sometimes be seen so maybe she'll be able to answer that in due course.
This bird has turned up almost exactly a year after one turned up after a lengthy absence last year, 27th this year (might have been there yesterday too) and 28th or 29th last year!
Patch 2 was pretty much D-E-D Dead again this morning, the only thing of note was a Curlew heading north over the surf. 
Heavy rain and an errand meant that we didn't get a lunchtime look. But our errand took us to a mate's workplace where there is some rough ground adjacent and he showed by a couple of nice Marsh Orchids, no idea which species and of course they could have been hybrids - there's a field full nearby but we didn't have time nor, given the conditions, the inclination to have a look; and there was loads of Common Centuary about to burst into flower - shame it's going to be built on soon.
Last night our Hedgehog was right outside the sitting room window as it was going dark but it scarpered when we opened the kitchen door for a pic and hadn't got into range of Stealth-cam.
Where to next? A cold wet and windy session on the beach at the start of Chat Alley with some families tomorrow morning, then the afternoon off to take Frank to Fat-club so we should have time for a shuffy at the North Blackpool Pond Trail Bee Orchids - wasn't able to make their Wildflower Walk last night - - too shattered after all our teaching...coo it's hard work.
In the meantime let us know what's all blinged up in your outback.