Saturday, 15 June 2013

Mostly at Base Camp all day

The Safari didn't get out today but that didn't stop any wildlifing. We were up early enough to be able to sett up the long lens outside a little nearer to the Wren's nest. At that time of the morning the sun is getting to the best position and we took advantage of it.
And what goes up must come down
When we first set up she was visiting every couple of minutes or so obviously not going far to get a beakful of food for the nippers. She took out three faecal sacs on consecutive visits but then we were distracted so didn't find out if there are more than three chicks in there which we would expect.
We're hoping for the beaks sticking out shot but fear they may have fledged before next weekend comes round.
A quick visit with Frank to the North Blackpool Pond Trail gave an opportunity to check the Bee Orchids - still no flowers but they can only be a day or two away now...still about two weeks late for here.
Unfortunately these exotic plants are growing in an area too popular with dog walkers and at least one has been broken but fortunately not totally.
We found only three others, most are very small this year.
A strong wind blew straight down the garden this arvo knocking the heat out of the sun and making flower photography almost impossible. We kept an eye on the bees, just abut the only insects flying in the conditions, and eventually spotted a Tree Bee foraging on the now fading Thrift in one of our tubs. This is the first year they've been in the garden after finding them locally only last year.

Where to next? Anything could happen tomorrow.
In the meantime let us know what's hanging upside-down in your outback

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