Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Inspired in the end

The Safari had a very late start today. After seeing Wifey off to the Big Smoke and dropping Frank off at his minders it was far too late to have a shuffy at Patch 2, we had to wait until dinner time which was OK as it was cold wet and windy most of the morning.
Lunchtime only gave us four Gannets, two adults and two immatures along with a flock of five Razorbills going south.
In the afternoon we had an e-chat with WB who somehow managed to convince to go for it and set up a local 'Springwatch' style wildlife photography exhibition at work asking people to go round town with their cameras and snap away at the wildlife they found.
You can find all the details here
It's simple to get involved so what's stopping you; apart from not being in Blackpool of course! but if you're going to visit this summer you're bound to have a camera with you.
Please share with your friends/contacts/followers on twitter/facebook etc etc

Here's a couple of our pics from the phone-cam this evening during Frank's walk.

See how easy it is!
Where to next? Off out on the beach with a group tomorrow morning - more pic opportunities.
In the meantime let us know what's all speckly  in your outback

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Warren Baker said...

The only speckly things here are my window pains with the rain on them Daveyman :-)

Great idea to start the photo website, good way to get people involved in nature. Well done to you.