Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sometimes there's no need to go far

The Safari checked the mothy this morning and found our best catch of the year within its deep dark recesses - 19 moths of 11 species is hardly earth-shattering but given what we've had so far it's pretty darned good, been if 1/3 of them were Heart & Darts!
The diamond shape is diagnostic
Dusky Brocade - IDd thanks to our chums on Facebook's Lancashire Lepidoptera group
On the path near the trap we spotted a movement in the corner of our eye and bent down to pick up this little chap
Hawthorn Shieldbug
Then when we lifted the trap to put it away until next week look what was lurking beneath
Poplar Hawkmoth       
One remains unidentified - if anyone is any good with worn pugs please give us a clue - we think it might be a Common Pug.
We didn't get out again until almost lunchtime and then we only went across the road to the southern end of the North Blackpool Pond Trail.
The sun shone but the wind was a right royal pain. In the more sheltered areas insects were buzzing about and we saw our first Meadow Brown of the year, a couple of Common Blues and a few Speckled Woods. Just before we left we found three absolutely pristine Small Tortoiseshells on just opening Bramble flowers. The day-flying moths were represented by many Latticed Heaths and a few Narrow Bordered 5-spot Burnets.
We found six Bee Orchids today and were speaking to a lady who had brought her husband to see them after being on the Wildlife Walk in the week she showed me a seventh that still had a tight bud.

Then we got all arty looking for stuff that might be suitable for the wildlife photograph display at work, hopefully we won't have to display any of these as there will be loads sent in by Blackpool's residents and visitors.
A Flesh Fly
A Hawkbit or is it a Hawkweed - any ideas anyone?
Herb Bennet seedhead
A millipede
A wall, some barley...must be Wall Barley ;-)
So there you go a shed load of goodies and none any more than 1/2 a mile (1 km) from the front gate at Base Camp.
For a better look at the pics at full-size check out our Flickr page.
Where to next? Excitement guaranteed tomorrow as we have a school group from well inland on the beach in the afternoon.
In the meantime let us know how far you've had to travel in your outback today .

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