Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Wet - could hardly get wetter!

The Safari was late in again today and it was raining heavily so we didn't venture out knowing that within an hour or so we'd be on the beach with a group of little ones...brave little ones in those conditions. Well the appointed hour drew near and half of them wisely cancelled which left the other half still prepared to venture down on to the sands. We obliged and almost before we all got to the sea wall and down the slade we were soaked to the skin. in the end we only braved the elements for about twenty minutes rather than the planned full hour - just as well cos 7 1/2 hours later bits of us are still wet! We found some nice stuff including a rather large Beadlet Anemone floating in one of the pools which found its way into the net and thence the tray where it attached itself and started to open up, another quarter hour would have seen it in its full glory but we'd have all drowned!
A few Green Shore Crabs were wrangled from the seaweed including one large enough to be scary but small enough for tiny hands to hold safely which was a big hit.
A cold and and very quick look at Patch 2 at lunchtime gave us just five immature Gannets in various stages of attaining adult plumage.
In the garden as we were leaving we saw a large number of Pigeons one of which had a yoghurt pot stuck around its neck. The pics show how a Pigeon's body moves while its head stays still and its head moves while its body remains still
Another good reason not to be dropping litter. Thankfully this bird is paired up and has no difficulty flying - yet.
Where to next? Another late start tomorrow but that entails a visit to what last year was a cracking wildflower area but because it looked messy will it have been 'tidied up' for this season?
In the meantime let us know who's picking up all the litter in your outback.

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