Saturday, 22 June 2013

Wet and wild weekend

The Safari hopes this wasn't one of Robbies, could have been; the ones released at the gigs in Manchester were red and yellow and the winds have been easterly all week until the last few hours when they have strengthened to 25mph Sou-westerlies. we spotted it yesterday morning and it now residing safely at the bottom of a bin.
We put the mothy out last night, the weather was turning but we decided to take the risk. The cooler cloudier conditions brought a few Swifts down and we watched three scything round the rooftops  screaming as they went when we took frank out - one dived in to the usual roost under the eaves of the house on the corner of the main road - doesn't even slow down to do this - what a sight!
The mothy gave us the best catch of the year so far - a massive eight whole English moths!
We could see this Angle Shades as we approached the trap but we also knew it had rained a bit in the night.
 What a little beauty...all today's pics are from phone-cam.
Four Heart & Darts made up half of the catch but a new arrival was this Treble Lines.
Heart & Dart face on
and a Silver Y, apparently there was a massive invasion of this species down south earlier in the week.
Just one micro today, a female Light Brown Apple Moth.
Our egg-boxes in the bottom of the trap were soggy and had to be chucked in the compost bin :-(
We emptied the trap which was doubling as a rain gauge
The rest of the morning was spent doing household jobs so the duff weather didn't matter too much. This afternoon though we didn't fancy going out so decided to watch Orca-cam for a while - it was foggy over there :-(
Where to next? Anything could happen tomorrow - a seawatch on the rising tide perhaps.
In the meantime let us know what's flooded out in your outback.

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Warren Baker said...

Good to see you're still trying to make something out of this dismal spell of weather, looks better for the week ahead, so the mothy might get more use :-)