Thursday, 20 June 2013

Moths – were are they???

The Safari has some good news from the garden - A better night moth trapping the night before last and the night before that we had a joy of joys moment; Stealth-cam revealed...

Oh happy days, we were getting worried about not having Hedgehogs in the garden...more mealworms will be purchased shortly
The moths weren’t that special but at least we approached the trap and saw that there was more than one inside. Delving deeper into the trap’s nooks and crannies we eventually came out with four Heart & Darts including a very well marked one... another Scalloped Hazel and our first micros of the season, Light Brown Apple Moth, a Codling Moth and two Hedya nubiferanas. Another micro escape. The night before we'd had a Brimstone fly past us while out on Frank's last walk. 
Codling Moth
Hedya nubiferana

Hedya nubiferana - marked slightly differently to the one above
Well marked Heart & Dart
Worn Common Pug
Last night we had a break from safari-ing and were taken by Wifey to see Mr Mega Star himself Robbie Williams. Not my first choice of artiste to go and see, we’d be more interested in Black Sabbath. What a nightmare getting there....
But you can’t beat a live band in full flight; horns blowing, lead guitar spiraling, bass thumping out the rhythm and the drums doing unspeakable things to your last meal deep in your belly, add to that 55,000 voices (yes even ours!)  singing the chorus of a favourite song and you’ve got something really humanly raw, special, even emotional.
Wasn’t so chuffed with the balloon release though, some Love my Beach volunteer will no doubt be picking those of a beach near here in a couple of weeks time, or worse a passing turtle will be eating them only to starve to death with a gut full of ingested plastic in a year or two.
The way home was similarly busy and it took an age to get out of town and onto the motorway which was empty and plain sailing. But as ever we were keeping an eye pen for any wildlife opportunities...what was shocking, very shocking, was the fact that in the whole 50 mile (80km) trip on a mild, balmy, still mid-June evening we saw not a single solitary moth. A check of the front of Wifey’s car this morning revealed the same barely a bug splat! Something is terribly wrong in England’s green and pleasant land. Well it might be green but it’s losing much of what makes it pleasant.
We saw more moths fluttering round the stadium during the gig.
Robbie's face - all will be revealed later
Half the crowd or is it only a third?       

Olly Murs
Olly working the crowd

Soon to be marine litter :-(

This morning broke bright and sunny, the drive to work showed the sea to be Mediterranean or even Carribean-esque

As soon as we got to the wall there was a Grey Seal close in and that took precedent, we dashed back for the camera and glad we did.
Apart from a couple of Common Terns we didn't notice much else and didn't have time for a longer look at the more distant parts of the sea.
We now have a small TV which we can run off an inverter in the Land Rover and rig up to the camera while out on safari so that we can give close up ‘through the lens’ views of what we’re looking at so the punters have a better idea of where to look for tricky things like the nature reserve’s Long Eared Owls...gonna be a useful addition to the tool-kit.
Where to next? Weather's changing, wind's picking up, temperature's plummeting and the rain's coming - sounds dark enough to be a 60's Dylan song.
In the meantime let us know what's blowin in the wind and out into the sea in your outback
Late Edit - Just got tickets to see Bob Dylan - a 'proper' artist!!!!!!!!! Although to be fair we haven't heard any of his 'new' stuff since Slow Train Coming in 1979/

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