Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Back to grey

The Safari had a bit of a shock our on Patch 1 today. Everything was going normally in the dark to start with. Just 1 PPEM (remember the code?). We’re now far too early for the Robins, Blackbirds etc so we’re probably gonna drop em from the news unless they do summat a bit out of the ordinary – like reappear in numbers. Then the shock happened; some poor soul was found dangling from a branch by the early morning dog posse only a couple of minutes before we arrived on site. So we left em giving their statements to the Police and nicked off home in quiet contemplation of how bad must life get to do that to yourself. – No we didn’t get a pic for the blog that would have been just a bit crass!
Back at Base Camp the Dunnocks were waking up and there are probably more of these little skulkers about than is immediately evident.
Patch 2 hardly warranted a visit, in the grey miserable drizzly early light of a late dawn. But visit we did and were relieved to find the workmen have taken down a substantial length of fence and our Long March northwards has been reduced to a short stroll. This should allow more time on the patch, five maybe as much as an extra ten minutes if there’s owt to see.
This morning there was no bait ball, the sky was grey the sea was grey and chopped up, the wind having a lot more south in it than yesterday. About 100 Common Scoters were moving in all directions trying to find the best bit of sea to sit on whilst bird of the day was in and out of the deep troughs, an adult Gannet. Meanwhile a Meadow Pipit was located overhead after hearing it call and it was heading in a direction that suggested it might have come in-off. A few small flocks of waders nipping low through the waves remained unidentified as did a single auk. The most interesting observation of the session was of a continual string of Black Headed Gulls about half a mile out all heading south, this went on for about five minutes, pity we didn’t start counting them when we first noticed them, also not sure if there wasn’t a Little Gull amongst them. If there was one we lost it amongst the waves.
Lunchtime Patch 2 wasn't much cop. The dropping tide had left enough beach for 19 Sanderlings to scurry on and that was about it. The only good thing was that the short stroll had been reduced even more - bring on tomorrow, will our right opposite work crossing be open?
Where to next? Hopefully patch 1 won't be so dranmatic tomorrow morning.
In the meantime let us know what's scurrying along the beach in your outback.
You may, or may not, be interested to read some other rubbish wot we have started to rite as an unpaid 'professional' journalist for our local newspaper every so often. Go here chose 2nd October and look for the Outdoor column on page 17.


Warren Baker said...

Good job you weren't out earlier for that patch tick dave :-(

I'd say it's a bit selfish to let some poor b'stard find the results of you own demise .

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

"I'd say it's a bit selfish to let some poor b'stard find the results of you own demise"
There again Warren you're going to be in no position to find yourself no matter how or where you go!
Sadly one of the group who found him also found the last one a couple of years ago just before we got Frank and started visiting there. Needless to say she's a bit more than shook up.



cliff said...

Liverpool fan?? Sorry, shouldn't be so flippant, a grim find indeed.

Enjoyed your column Dave, I much prefer when they print something of local interest rather than some of the awful generic content they've used since Jack Benson got potted - there was one recently from Kate Humble that was referring to the wonderful hot summer we've enjoyed - are you sure? She's obviously based in what was the rain starved South East rather than the damp & dreary North West, mind her photo at the top of the column is better than yours.



Penny said...

I see I'll still have to approach this blog with caution while Liverpool references might appear..

Enjoyed the column, let us know when the nationals call

So where was Kate in August? I'm in the SE and we didn't get wall-to-wall sun, believe me

Phil said...

I'll bet you needed a stiff drink after that Dave. Agree about your column, an improvement on the other dross.