Thursday, 21 October 2010

Too much weather

The Safari has little to report after a foul night. We can confirm that one of the Peregrines was on its ledge late last night but we don’t know if it was still there this morning. As we walked up the hill yet another torrential shower was about to hit us hard. Further up the hill we could see the lashing streams of rain dancing crazily through the pools of light from the street lamps. Hunched against the howling wind we battled on, well one of us did, Frank just trotted along, tail up, a sniff here, a sniff there, totally unperturbed by the impending downpour and when it landed it didn’t bother him at all. Even the short alternative Patch 1 walk was shortened this morning and we so we didn’t get round to check for the Peregrine – it was probably still there being last seen on the most sheltered side of the tower and only a numpty would have ventured out in the teeming rain during the small hours.
With the rain came warmer winds, if no less strong and the temperature is back up to a more comfortable warmer than ‘normal’ for the time of year and from a more comfortable direction for Patch 2 too.
Unfortunately the improvements in viewing conditions had made a jot of difference to the amount of wildlife viewable which remained ‘limited’ at a handful of mobile Common Scoters dodging the breakers. A single Sanderling skittering around in front of the incoming waves was bird of the morning. We haven’t seen many of these since the mass arrival a few weeks ago.
Was lunchtime any better? Not really but the temperature had risen so far it was almost reaching ‘normal’ and if it hadn’t been so windy would have been pleasant in the sunshine. Still nothing to see but the usual handful of Common Scoters, the dropping tide hadn’t yet left any beach available for stuff to forage for stuff on.
Got the Goldcrest again this evening in the same garden but wasn't able to get a Magpie count going. On the way back to Base Camp a Blackbird shot in front of us going to roost in the Golden Triangle followed by a Song Thrush - how invisible have they been in the last few months!
Where to next? Day off tomorrow so after tradesmen have been might be able to get out for a while.
In the meantime let us know how wet the rain is in your outback.

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Warren Baker said...

After the tradesmen have been !!! you wont get out then :-)