Friday, 15 October 2010

No sightings yet...

The Safari is still in a state of euphoria after yesterday’s news. But now the questions long has it been there? Will it stay? Will it attract a mate? Will the Safari get to see it? Will anyone get to see it? Will it get used to its surroundings and become easy to find? If no one sees it can its continued presence be proven? All these questions and more...
Suffice to say we’ll be out double early tomorrow morning.
Patch 1 wasn’t given much concentration this morning but there were noticeable Robins here and there but not in the dark depths of the park.
Patch 2 gave us a superb male Peregrine drifting north just above street lamp height. At one point it had a semi-stoop at a Feral Pigeon; the gulls were a bit disconcerted by its presence too. The wind had changed overnight to a cold brisk north-westerly which we weren’t impressed with. We bottled out of our sea watch after a few minutes when a heavy shower landed.
By lunchtime it was no different, still cold and blustery with rain showers scattered about between us and the horizon so we gave it as long as a full five minutes (no wonder we don’t see much!).
Where to next? Can ONLY be the nature reserve! We do have a beach event tomorrow arvo as well.
In the meantime let us know how bleak and blustery it has become in your outback.

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