Sunday, 17 October 2010

Ear ear...

The Safari wasn't able to get out this morning, something to do with creosoting the garden gates and garage doors before the wet weather returns. While we had brush in hand we could hear Redwings going over in dribs and drabs. At one point there seemed to be more sounds above us and looking up we saw about 50 of them scattered about under the gathering clouds. In with them was a single Fieldfare. A few minutes later came the distinctive call of Siskins a quick rough count of the little bouncing flock gave somewhere in the region of two dozen heading south-east. One of them wasn't a Siskin though, as we heard a single musical and quite loud call, 'teuu', from the flock. Not at all sure what it was. Any vis miggers out there recognise it? Is it one we really ought to know?
After the woodwork had been completed we managed a couple of hours on the nature reserve. Not a lot happening, 10 Shoveler were new in, but we couldn't find the Garganey amongst the Teal. A Great Spotted Woodpecker came from the north and bunked into the trees to our right.
Eventually we heard one of the Cetti's Warblers and not before time! Didn't see it mind - we never do!
Not a lot else, plenty of Black Headed Gulls came in for a wash and brush up with a few Common Gulls too, no Mediterranean Gulls today.
No mammals!
Bad news for 'Pool, the late comeback was too late and we really hope City's first goal wasn't offside otherwise another bad refereeing error will have changed a game for the poorer. Still the boys done good - their combined cost was 2.5 million, half of which is striker DJ Campbell, as compared to 186+ million on the other side. Really need to get some home wins going, but first bring on Birmingham City next week - another away win and 3 points please.
8 games - 10 points equates to a comfortable 47.5 points an a mid-table place at the end of the season.
Even more importantly in the scouser's derby Everton at last managed to overcome arch rivals Liverpool - YEESSSSSSSS. 'Pool are still ahead of them in the league...YEESSSSSSS...or should that be NNNNOOOOOOOO.
Where to next? Back to somewhat chillier patches.
In the meantime let us know how the temperature's falling in your outback.


cliff said...

re the footy Dave, you've probably seen it now - but if not Blackpool were on the wrong end of 3 crucial decisions which could've seen a 3-1 scoreline in Blackpools favour rather than a loss, funny how these incorrect decisions always tend to go in favour of the bigger club. I think it's time for rugby league style video evidence to be used when there's any doubt re the legitimacy of goals.

Still, Leeds won, as did my adopted prem team Arsenal, so it was a good weekend for me :-)


Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Thanks for that Cliff - makes me feal a bit better if a little more bitter. I'd sidn't get a chance to watch MotD
Both rugbys have video replays for tries, tennis has hawkeye - just think footy needs something similar and soon, at least at International, prem and championship levels - getting ridiculous now
Think my teuu might well have been a Lapland Bunting - awaiting someone to confirm or otherwise. You get any of the passage before the wind changed direction as txtd 2 u?


cliff said...

Just got your txt this morning Dave, I need to give you a diff mobile no. as I seem to have given you my works one which is switched off evenings/weekends - in fact I'll txt you from the right one now. Wouldn't mind tempting down to my garden feeders one of those Siskens you saw overhead yesterday, I've never seen one locally.



Warren Baker said...

You should do more creosoting fences Dave, it was quite successful :-)

Penny said...

Remember me from comments when Blackpool beat Liverpool (still can hardly type it)??

Daren't think how Safari Snr is coping now..

But I'm enjoying waiting to hear more otter news